Reverend Dr. Kristen Burkhart


Reverend Dr. Kristen Burkhart

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Rev. Dr. Kristen Burkhart has been a Pastor in the Holston Conference since 2006 and has a heart for reaching the least, the last, and the lost. She tries to promote healthy family systems and encourage leaders, while placing a focus on making, growing, and sending forth disciples of Jesus Christ. When in the pulpit, she enjoys preaching the scripture in a practical, life application storytelling manor to relate the love and mission of Jesus Christ. She and her husband, Phillip Archer have a daughter, Joanna, and a son, Abraham.

Kristen is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with my a Bachelor's in Social Services. She received her Masters of Divinity from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and her Doctorate of Ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC.

Kristen believes "Ministry is not always about the big things or the numbers we can measure. Sometimes it's about one called person reaching out to another in a season of need and in that moment when one heart connects to another's we glimpse the heart of God."