Kingdom Builders

Bryant Opeil



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Kingdom Builders has been an active small group for over 5 years comprised of adult church attendees of all ages. Our goals are to bring the church to the community while strengthening the Christian bond between church attendees. Guest teachers from other classes and ages are frequently invited to lead in Bible study and discussion. Our most recent Bible study has been on the book of Exodus and how it relates to those who lived during those times, during Christ’s ministry, and the 21st Century. We are here for anyone looking for a friendly place to share fellowship and participate in bible study.  

Books & Studies-

  • Book of Exodus
    • “Exodus, Journey of Fear, Doubt, and Blessing” by Lifeway Adults
  • Community Outreach and Being the Hands & Feet of Jesus
    • Janet Stevenson as guest teacher
  • Book of Genesis
    • David Vaughn as guest teacher
  • Paul’s Travels
    • “Paul: A Biography” by N.T. Wright
  • Gospel of Luke
    • David Poehler as guest teacher
  • Works of St. Augustine
    • Based on Group Discussion & “The Confessions, revised: St. Augustine a 21st Translation” translated by Maria Boulding
  • Scripture vs. Cliché Sayings
    • Based on Group Discussion

Areas of Impact

Local schools, arts & sports support

Scots / Irish Festival

Pumpkin Festival (formerly the Fall Festival)

The Wesley Cup - Challenged the Youth to a kickball game to help sponsor their mission trip that year

The Flamingo Flocking- helped with a fund raiser in which attendees donated to the youth mission trip to have the lawns of other attendees and friends “flocked with pink flamingos”

Sponsored “A Christmas” for those in need during the holidays with gifts and support